A loan for holidays and travel?

Everyone deserves some time away to relax and reset, so going on a holiday or traveling should be a priority for everyone. However, as we know, holidays can be very expensive, so it pays to have a plan up your sleeve if you’re caught a little bit short and are desperate to get away for a break from work and everyday life. That’s why at Credit24, we’re here to support you with our flexible holiday and travel loan.

Regardless of where you want to travel to, Credit24 has a loan for you to make your travels more majestic, more exciting and stress free. Overshooting the vacation budget is a reality for almost everyone. Don’t scrimp on the budget for this well-deserved holiday and make sure you have enough funds available.

At Credit24, we provide personal holiday loans between $500 and $10,000 to ensure that you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. So, whether you are escaping the winter chill, planning to go on a European tour or have your heart set on a Balinese getaway, Credit24 is always available for that extra push that your funds may need.

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Use your loan for anything travel-related

Planning a trip away is always a juggling act, which is why your travel and holiday loan with Credit24 is flexible and can be used for just about anything travel-related. Whether you’re looking to stay domestic and go on a road trip or are planning the big trip to Europe with a group of friends, Credit24’s travel and holiday loan is the perfect financial option.

Calculate your holiday and travel loan

Use our simple holiday and travel loan calculator to receive an estimate of how much your loan repayments will be based on your current financial circumstances.

Choose your loan amount, your preferred repayment frequency and the period over which you would like to pay the loan back, to get an immediate estimate of how much you’ll pay.

Discover the holiday and travel loan calculator below:

What is the average cost of a holiday for Australians?

According to research conducted by Westpac and CommBank, the average Australian will spend nearly $5,000 on their holiday expenses and spend three weeks abroad. When it comes to the cost of a holiday on our own shores, Aussie are spending close to $200 per night, per person. From accommodation, to flights, to spending money and internal travel, the price of a relaxing holiday can add up, meaning your relaxation is short-lived once you return home.

Additionally, Australia is the 12th most expensive country to catch a flight from in the world, meaning a large chunk of your budget can be chewed up by just getting out of the country!

This being the case, it makes sense to explore all your options, including whether a travel and holiday loan is right for you.

What is our travel and holiday loan?

It’s easy for loan companies to claim that their products are the best on the market, but we’re not like other lenders who make questionable claims based on fiction rather than fact. We have no hidden fees and back up our loans with personal, honest and transparent service.

Why would you choose Credit24?

No hidden costs or fees

Before you apply you can see exactly how much your repayments are going to be, and how much you’ll owe over the lifetime of your loan. Don’t get caught out by hidden fees and costs. You’ll know all the details of your loan upfront.

Flexible loan options

Credit24’s loans and line of credit are flexible from $500 up to $10,000, with options to suit repayment frequency and repayment length that work for you and match your salary cycle. And best of all, you can repay your loan early with no penalty.

Easy to apply

The online application means it’s fast and easy to apply. Of course, you’re always welcome to talk to our friendly team using online chat or simply giving us a call. Whatever your preference to proceed with your application, help is just a click or phone call away.

You can rely on us

In a recent survey we asked customers if they would recommend us to a friend. Not a single one said they wouldn’t. That’s trust that is earned through brilliant customer service and a fantastic reputation.

How can I apply for a holiday and travel loan?

Travel loans from Credit24 are also best if you are busy and do not have time to physically visit another lender’s branch. Our entire process is online. Just take a break from your work and complete the quick and easy application form. All you need is a few minutes and submit your last 90 days of bank statements via our secure portal to get your loan approved.

Sudden and immediate travel plans can also be funded easily with Credit24. We provide approvals almost immediately and funds are usually credited into your bank account within 24 hours once approved.

Don’t wait to get completely burned out. Plan your vacation today with easy and quick travel holiday loans from Credit24. All it takes is a few minutes to complete the application and a maximum of 24 hours to get the funds.

Don’t delay! Start your application and get traveling today!

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Fees and charges

  • Loan Amounts$500-$10,000
  • Establishment Fee$0
  • Monthly Service Fee$0
  • Interest48% p.a
  • Withdrawal Fee$0
  • Maximum repayment period36 Months